We appreciate the opportunity to style your hair.



So much in life depends on the unspoken first impression.

We are here to help you find a hairstyle suitable to your lifestyle and personality.

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We are committed to the well-being of people, animals and the planet.

With that, we have chosen Aveda, Davines and Pulp Riot as our product and color lines.



Who we surround ourselves with is one of the most important decisions we make everyday.

We've assembled the most talented hairstylists to help you look your best.



Education is key to success as a stylist, so we train often and we train with the best!


Point of View

Because we want to advise you on your hairstyle, we travel to gain perspective!

U-Turn Salon

204 Campbelltown Rd

Palmyra, PA 17078

CALL: 717-832-3101 or TEXT: 717-903-3437

EMAIL: info@uturnsalon.com


U-Turn opened at 204 Campbelltown Road in Palmyra in 1999 by Randy Taylor. Bartolo's Pizza owns the building so we've been wonderful tenants of theirs for over 20 years! In 2007, U-Turn re-branded & hired an all new staff. Randy spent countless hours teaching everyone his excellent skills. Not only was he working hard on training new talent, he co-founded the successful internet business HAIRBRAINED. In 2009, a pipe burst in our public restroom on a Sunday while we were closed and flooded our space. Needing six weeks of repairs both internally and cosmetically, we were so fortunate to have the opportunity to work at Salon DeChene in Hershey. Patrick DeChene was Randy's long time friend and we all learned from him as well. He passed away suddenly in August 2013 & we miss him dearly. Just a few months later in February 2014, Randy had a stroke at only 44 years old and was struggling to cut hair or educate. As Hairbrained exploded into this huge platform known all around the world, Randy was their main photographer so he knew it was time to make a change. He was physically, mentally & emotionally drained from working around the clock 7 days a week for most of his life that his health was already starting to suffer. When he finally packed his bags and permanently moved to Santa Monica, California in June 2016, we were sad to see him go but happy that he found what he needed. While the salon was then tied up in Randy's divorce for many years, it was officially sold on May 17th 2018 to Lauren and Janell. Lauren began her career at U-Turn in September 2007 as an assistant to Randy and quickly became one of our best stylists. Janell started her life with U-Turn on July 25th 2005 at only 19 years old as a receptionist. It wasn't long before she became the full time salon salon coordinator/manager. With Lauren focusing on the artistic world and excelling at customer service, it's the perfect balance with Janell as a partner because she focuses solely on the business aspect of the salon.

We are extremely grateful that all of our staff stayed with us. It's a proud feeling knowing that you've been working with each other for over a decade and are like family. Even with that, we always have room to grow and are always hiring. It was perfect timing that Janell's sister Jesica was in search of a new and stable career path in April 2018 so she's been the full time receptionist/salon coordinator. She has many years of banking experience so she makes sure every dollar is accounted for. It's not easy to find someone who is reliable to work full time that you can trust 100% with your business and finances so it works for us so Lauren and Janell can still have a life with their only children. Lauren drops her daughter off at school at 7:30am so she's always the first one in the salon around 8:00am so she leaves anywhere from 2:30pm-5:30pm to get her daughter from school/after school activities. While Lauren just works daytime and always opens the salon, Janell is better to be working in the afternoon/evening so she usually closes the salon everyday. 

What sets us apart is that all the competing salons are all owned by men. Lauren and Janell have always had a close relationship because we both were raised similarly. We had to work hard for everything we have and do not have ANY help from anyone. We are the true definitely of independent working mothers who now own their own small business. Most people know the struggle is real!


Whether you are a new or a repeat guest, you should always be greeted with a smile upon arrival. We are happy to take your coat and check how long it will be until your stylist is ready for you. We are here to serve you! New to our menu is complimentary: beer (seasonal), wine (typically Moscato, Rose, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay & Lambrusco), coffee (regular, decaf & flavored) with at least 5 different flavored creamers (including almond milk) to chose from, regular sugar and at least one sweetener, hot tea (MANY different flavors with or without caffeine, bottled Sparkling Water & Fresh Fruit Infused Water (Lauren does this every morning & so it changes daily). 

For the kids (we love the littles!) there should be juice boxes/pouches and ring pops available if the parents allow.

We look forward to meeting new faces & welcoming return guests in our new (but established) life journey!