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204 Campbelltown Road

Palmyra, PA 17078


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Tips for booking online through SalonBiz: If you receive an email and/or text confirmation/reminder of your appointment, then it worked. If you do not receive any email/text confirmation, please contact us & we will get you scheduled.

If you are scheduling online for any color/chemical service, we will contact you for a required consultation & deposit. If you do not schedule to come into the salon for a consultation & put down the deposit within 48 hours after us contacting you, we cannot keep your appointment. Color/chemical services range from 2-8 hours of time & are extremely ranging in price. Most big changes have to be done in processes and cannot be achieved in one visit. We will cut but no longer will color anyone with “box” color on their hair. You must provide your color records from previous salon(s) or give us the salon(s) name(s) and we will contact them to get your color formula(s) and date(s) of service(s). During the consultation appointment, we can then see what color formulas have been used on your hair & will look at the dates on record. If we think there has been any “at home” color/chemical applications done on your hair we will refuse any future color/chemical services. We will gladly wash, cut & style. If a stylist chooses to make an exception to this rule, there is a waiver to sign that is backed up by our legal team Dethlefs, Pykosh & Murphy Law Group, LLC. This waiver states that chemical results are unpredictable and there will not be any refunds under any circumstances.