U-Turn Salon

204 Campbelltown Road

Palmyra, PA 17078


Text: (717) 903-3437

Email: Info@UTurnSalon.com

Call: (717) 832-3101

We would love to see you.

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*Helpful Instructions: If you have ever been to U-Turn Salon, you should be in our system and can log in below using "repeat a previous appointment." If you have never been to U-Turn before, you must first create an account online with your first name, last name, phone number and email address. You will receive an email from SalonBiz Cloud online booking system that your account has been created. Then you must log in your account to schedule the desired appointment time. They will then send you another email confirming your appointment. If you did not receive an email, then your appointment has not been reserved. If you receive an error message, that just means the stylist is away/unavailable that day (not sure why it doesn't just inform you of that but SalonBiz is "working on the challenges.").