Olivia has been a part time stylist and makeup artist at U-Turn since 2013 (right out of high school).

She has many passions including playing guitar, singing, writing music, sewing, running and enjoying the outdoors with her dog Tank. She made it to the elimination round of The Voice in 2015 with the opportunity to sing in front of Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams.  Most of the local bars/restaurants in Lebanon, Harrisburg and Lancaster areas have the pleasure of booking this wonderful talent to entertain their patrons. Throughout the years, her name has grown and she’s now being booked nationwide to sing at schools, weddings and various events. You may have heard her on the radio with Puff from 106.7 a few mornings a week too!

Currently she is busy planning her wedding for May 4th 2019 (ahhh yay!!), and is hoping to move to Nashville to pursue her music career full time so she is not taking new clients and transitioning away from doing hair - GREAT for her, sad for us : (